Xiaochuanfangyu Village, Chuanfangyu Town, Jizhou District, Tianjin City: Northern Peach Blossom Land, and Landscape Context Promoting Revitalization

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To the north of Tianjin and at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, there is a village with an elegant environment and rich local flavor - Xiaochuanfangyu Village. On sunny days, the sunlight passes through the sea of flowers in the forest and falls on the small farmyards with black bricks and green tiles. The quiet and elegant scenery makes people feel like they are in a landscape painting.

For more than a decade, Xiaochuanfangyu Village has developed from a poor mountain village to a characteristic eco-tourism village through whole-village planning and the development of high-quality rural tourism, receiving more than 60,000 tourists throughout the year. In 2014, it was named the national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration site. In 2016, Xiaochuan"Countryside Park" was successfully created as the national 3A-level tourist attraction. In 2017, it was named the national ecological cultural village. In 2020, it was named the national model village for rural governance, providing the experience of“Xiaochuanfangyu” for exploring high-quality development in rural areas.


Market philosophy activates sleeping villa

In 2013, Xiaochuanfangyu Village established the Xiangquanyuan Crop Planting Professional Cooperative, and villagers transferred land to become shareholders, built a 195-mu nursery garden, and planted Chinese ash saplings. In the same year, the village began to implement the construction of a high-quality tourist village project, developing quadrangles with garden style and northern residential characteristics. In 2014, the village collective also established the Jingtianlu Scenic Area Management Center, built the Xiaochuan Countryside Park, 11 RV bases and four northern Shaanxi cave dwellings, as well as an artificial lake of more than 1,000 square meters and an ecological parking lot covering an area of 30 mu, explored the collective management mode of rural tourism, and implemented the"block booking" homestay management method. Currently, 21 high-quality homestays have been built in the village.

"Only by using the market philosophy to manage the countryside can the villagers achieve the common prosperity." This is a sentence often mentioned by Meng Fanquan, the head of the Xiaochuanfangyu Village Committee. Xiaochuanfangyu Village has unified the management rights of the village collective resources, fully implemented the"collective + cooperative + farmer" and"collective + company + farmer" models, used branches to lead cooperatives and companies, promoted industrial development, and uniformly utilized and developed land and tourism resources in the village, strengthened the village collective economy, and led farmers to increase their income and become rich.


Culture casts soul and accumulates rural heritage

Rural revitalization is inseparable from the guidance of culture. Xiaochuanfangyu Village has been established for a long time, and it has many historical anecdotes, legends and stories. However, the villagers' memories of local history and culture are mainly relied on oral inheritance from their elders, with few written materials. In 2016, Xiaochuanfangyu Village actively contacted experts and scholars from the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences to conduct in-depth excavations of the historical and cultural relics in the surrounding areas of the village, and compiled and published the millions of words of"Xiaochuanfangyu Library". Since 2017, the village has carried out centralized protection of ancient rural cultural relics and presented the excellent local traditional culture through various creative experience projects.

In Chuanfang Old Street, it has concentratedly displayed the traditional handicraft cultures, including earthen pot firing, the wood workshop, Shaoguo distilled spirit, arsenals, masons, flour mills, pastry store, tofu workshop, dough twist frying, the butcher's, beekeeping and other lines of business. According to reports, Chuanfang Old Street, based on building a commercial block rich in traditional cultural charm, is focusing on restoring a number of business forms of traditional handicraft, introducing craftsmen and celebrities, and passing on traditional folk customs. It is also creating a traditional winemaking project of the experience with intangible cultural heritage in the old street and combining online sales exhibitions, so as to find modern carriers for traditional cultural brands.

"We should give full play to the beautiful scenery and historical contextual advantage of Xiaochuanfangyu Village, inject rich historical culture into rural tourism activities, and continuously improve the cultural connotation of Xiaochuanfangyu Village, so that more people will know about Xiaochuanfangyu Village and visit the Xiaochuanfangyu Village to feel the flavor of local context." Hao Yangjie told reporters when leaving.

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