Yangsi Village, Ninghe Town, Ninghe District: Seven Villages Join Hands to Create a Wild Park

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Rape Flowers in Yangsi Village, Ninghe Town, Ninghe District, Tianjin City

Yangsi Village is a traditional farming village in Ninghe Town, Ninghe District, Tianjin City. The rape flower sea tour has rapidly driven the development of agricultural, cultural and tourism events in the surrounding villages since its launch in 2022. Zhang Hongsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Ninghe Town Party Committee, said,"Ninghe Snack Street is opened by villagers of Huzhuang Village to boost the rape flower sea tour of Yangsi Village. Nangu Village focuses on promoting river culture. Yangsi Village's agricultural tourism has been injected with a deeper agricultural core…These seven villages complement each other in development and strive to promote their tourist resources."

The tourist development of one village leverages the linkage of the other six villages. As a major agricultural town in Ninghe District, Tianjin City, Ninghe Town has given the demonstration answer to rural revitalization of agricultural, cultural and tourism development in plain areas.


The Forest-Themed Adventure Park"In the Forest" Opens in 1,000-Mu Forest Land of Ninghe Town, Ninghe District

Get Rich by Rice and Rape Flower Planting and Practice the"Two Mountains Theory" by Forest and River Tourism Resources Development

"We hope to vigorously develop agricultural tourism by combining environment and agriculture," said Lian Chunying, Secretary of the Yangsi Village Party Committee and Director of the Village Committee. She continued,"In response to the national policy of increasing oil crop cultivation, we suggest rotating rapeseed and rice in paddy fields. This can not only improve the soil fertility, but also enable tourists and villagers to admire rape flowers in spring and paddy fields in summer and autumn."

It is reported that during the May Day and National Day holidays in 2022, the village attracted a total of 50,000 tourists and had a revenue of over 500,000 yuan. During the 2023 Spring Festival, the village added the new section Ice and Snow World to enrich the"Four-Season Village Tour". In particular, tourists can enjoy themselves freely in the rape flower sea in spring, admire paddy field culture and taste crabs and other delicious food in the paddy field in summer and autumn, and experience ice and snow sports in winter.

There is also a 1,400-mu forest land mainly planted with poplar trees over 10 years old in Yangsi Village. The relevant responsible person of Ninghe Town signed a lease agreement with the forest farm owner and started ecological tourism in the forest.


The Forest-Themed Adventure Park"In the Forest" Opens in 1,000-Mu Forest Land of Ninghe Town, Ninghe District

Chen Lishuang, a local young man in Ninghe Town, opens the forest-themed adventure park"In the Forest" in the forest land, in which recreational events such as off-road kart racing and RV camping are perfectly combined with local featured fair entertainment.

Xiguan Village, Ninghe Town, is located by the Jiyun River. The"Riverside Scenery" Water Park was constructed and put into operation in October 2022. The water park is equipped with sightseeing boats, which can take tourists to experience river culture and taste food produced from the river; water rafting and rowing events can enhance tourists' sense of novelty.

Share the Huge Market of Rural Tourists and Join Hands to Seek Development

The"Tianjin Rural Theme Park" created by Ninghe Town covers 7 themed villages. Among them, Huzhuang Village has opened a snack street, which presented all the featured snacks of Ninghe District, such as Tofu Soup and Braised Crabs with Pumpkin, on the menu.

In 2023, Yangsi Village also attracted social capital investment of 30 million yuan to build high-quality homestays. A new 30-mu homestay area is built on one side of the original village, with the construction of high-quality homestays and supporting facilities in two phases. This will create a tourism resort that integrates agricultural sightseeing, rural leisure, tourism vacation, and cultural experience.

These homestays will be uniformly decorated in a retro farmhouse style, with customized traditional home furnishings such as earthen beds and stoves, and retro furniture placed. Zhang Hongsheng put that they would create a new model integrating"exquisite accommodation and food" and achieve a transformation from"one-day tour" to"multi-day tour" in combination with the featured food"Yangsi Eight Dishes for the Eight Immortals" and the characteristic"Agricultural Museum" of the village. After the completion of the boutique homestay project, it will be managed and operated in a unified manner with the existing homestays in the village, which can create 30 new job opportunities and increase farmers' annual income by tens of thousands of yuan.

At present, seven villages in Ninghe Town are developing in clusters around three scenes, namely"Pretty Paddy Field","In the Forest" and"Riverside Scenery". During the May Day period in 2023, the town's rural theme park was fully constructed and put into operation.

Ninghe Town continues to follow four development paths, takes the construction of"Ancient Riverside Town with Original Rural Appearance" as the goal, and relies on the Yangsi Village Rural Revitalization Demonstration Village to unite the other six villages to create the"Tianjin Rural Theme Park", continuously innovate and upgrade the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism in the entire town, and fully promote the"magnificent goal" of rural revitalization.

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