Beierbao Village, Taitou Town, Jinghai District: Agricultural Travel + Health & Nursing Let Tourists Have"Four Seasons Meal" during Country Tour

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Yidu Pier in Beierbao Village has become an internet-famous site for suburban cycling enthusiasts

Beierbao Village, Taitou Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin explores the new industrial model of"agricultural tourism + health & nursing" and links the series of featured agricultural products in Taitou Town of Water Charm, developing from a weak village with no collective economy to a strong economic village with a collective operating income of 518,500 yuan and a per capita disposable income of 35,000 yuan in 2022. Villagers make joint efforts to embark on a road of regional coordinated development and the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism.


Beierbao Village expands Yidu Pier and builds a hydrophilic platform

A New Song Sounded under the Praying Tree

Beierbao Village covers an area of 160.25 mu. There are 121 households in the village, with a total population of 302. With cultural elements such as dock ruins, the village is a natural and ecological village formed in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. The village is decorated in accordance with the unified design of antique style. The boutique homestays are uniquely designed. After the expansion of the village's iconic Yidu Pier, a hydrophilic platform has been set up, and the praying tree carrying the village story has become a new landscape of cultural tourism. In 2019, Beierbao Village was listed as a cultural tourism demonstration village in Tianjin, and passed the municipal acceptance to become a"beautiful village".

Taitou Town is a well-known agricultural town in Tianjin, known as the"town of watermelon". In the village, a number of well-known varieties such as Kirin watermelon and Jingxin watermelon are planted. More than a dozen villages in the town plant watermelons, melons, peaches and other agricultural products, which form the"Taitou Town of Water Charm" characteristic brand.

"Beierbao Village is located in the hinterland of the town, with limited cultivated land area and characteristic agricultural products. However, the ecological environment and farming culture are its advantages. We will promote the common development of every village, promote tourism through agriculture, and benefit farmers through tourism," said Jiang Yao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Taitou Town. In recent years, the town has held agricultural tourism activities such as"Watermelon Festival" and"Harvest Festival" in the village, attracting many tourists from the urban area. The night economic cultural tourism project of the village pier has also created a new exhibition and sales platform for agricultural products in the town. On the hand card of the rural tour route in Taitou Town, Sanbao Technology Pavilion, Laoma Orchard, Benniu Picking Garden, Brother Li's Manor, Luyuan Ecological Park and Beierbao Cultural Tourism Village are connected into a picture. The agricultural projects centering on the cultural tourism village become Internet-famous sites for the town tour.


Exterior view of boutique homestay Beierbao No.1 Courtyard in Beierbao Village

Health & Nursing Industry Brings Benefits to Farmers

Liu Jinkui, the old village director of Beierbao Village, after seeing the good development of the health & nursing industry in Qinhuangdao and other areas, wanted to introduce intelligent physical examination, health & nursing treatment and other equipment to the village homestays. After contact, the rural health center was successfully built in the village committee.


At the rural health & nursing center in Beierbao Village, a medical worker gives a physical examination to an urban tourist

Through medical health testing and intervention equipment, the center can screen for the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and early Alzheimer's disease for villagers and tourists free of charge. Starting from 2021, the village has used advanced devices to conduct physical examinations for all villagers every year and compiled the"Manual of Self-Health Management for the Villagers of Beierbao Village" to grasp the big data of villagers' health more comprehensively.

In addition, health & nursing devices are combined with homestay, so that the farmyard becomes a"nursing home". The project has provided more jobs for villagers in Beierbao Village and neighboring villages. At the beginning of 2023, in the face of the concentrated release of tourism demand, five idle houses in the village were transformed to build boutique homestays which provide 50 health & nursing beds. The village collective income can reach 2,000 yuan per day. More and more villagers are applying to upgrade their small courtyards into health and nursing homestays.

Beierbao Village continuously improves the health & nursing management system, and implements centralized management in nutrition diet, mental health, scientific sports and other aspects. It has built a number of health tourist attractions integrating"eye care, health care, beauty care and heart care", such as Baoshang Family, Hezhou Coffee, Erbao Canteen, and Cage Football Field.

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